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April 17, 2021 Posted in: Aerospace, Aluminum Time to Read: 2m 44s Aluminum alloys are often a preferred material for aerospace designs and required by engineering due to its corrosion-resistance properties and high strength capabilities. Compared to steel it is a lightweight option, and an ideal



Stainless Steel Finishes
January 08, 2020Posted in: Stainless SteelTime to Read: 2m 49sWhile there are a variety of stainless steel grades with their own advantages, there are also stainless steel finishes. Whether they are mill finishes or applied finishes, there are a variety of aesthetically pleasing and protective stain



Differences between Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel
February 18, 2020 Posted in: Stainless Steel, Steel, MetalTime to Read: 2m 31sAs two commonly used metals, stainless steel and carbon steel offer you versatile options for a wide range of construction and industrial purposes. Understanding the characteristics of each metal type as well as the differ



Corrugated Sheets for Roofing
May 18, 2021Posted in: Steel, ConstructionTime to Read: 2m 28sWhen thinking about roofing materials, shingles often come to mind. Whether asphalt or wood, shingles are generally easy to install and repair. But what about metal roofing? Often made of high-quality metals including aluminum and steel,
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