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Stainless steel seamless pipe, the biggest resistance of inventory is rising

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After a month long fall, since yesterday, the stainless steel seamless tube Market in Jiangsu and even the whole country has seen a prolonged rise in the market. The whole market is also revival and rising, which means that the speed of storage is expected to continue to be seamless to stainless steel. Market sentiment has played a positive role in stabilizing the market. The following are discussed in the following aspects.

First, stainless steel seamless pipe prices will appear turning points after the price is down rapidly.

The stainless steel seamless tube market has rebounded at the end of the month after a wave of decline. The price drop is the biggest downward trend this year. I compared the price falls of March this year and March last year to three times that of last year, but the stainless steel seamless tube at the end of March this year. The price is basically equal to the same period last year.

Through the price comparison, I found that the stainless steel seamless tube Market in 2017 started from the end of April. This year's decline compared with last year is larger than last year. This is related to the actual situation of this year. High storage has led to a deepening of the price decline of stainless steel seamless tube this year. But similarly, will this year's market start like the end of April? Or the downside has already released the risk of downhill in April.

Two, stainless steel seamless pipe, high inventory is the biggest drag.

The information from the latest phase of the national social inventory has increased considerably compared with the same period last year. In addition, steel factory inventory and re production are also an uncertain factor affecting the price rebound of this stainless steel seamless tube. From the latest inventory survey, steel plant inventory is still increasing compared with the same period last week.

Three, the release of stainless steel seamless pipe market demand is increasing.

From the telephone survey and field interview in the last month, most of the projects in the Shandong region have been started, but the demand for stainless steel seamless tubes in March is insufficient and the site procurement is very small. This is one of the main reasons that lead to the price of stainless steel seamless tube in the whole of March. The city network has learned that this year, because of the increasing pressure on environmental protection and funds, the construction site has started very late, and most of the construction sites are concentrated in April, so the boom is a basic support.

Four. Summary

On the whole, I think the rebound is still not enough. But in general, with the complete release of the downstream demand, the whole stainless steel seamless tube market will usher in a long wait for a rebound, so the merchants should be vigilant about the impact of inventory and do not miss the good time to rebound, and seize the opportunity.

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