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A653 Glavanized Steel Sheet

Material: DX51D/DX52D/DX53D/Z275/G90/G550/A36/SGCC/SG/Q345/Q345A/Q345B/Q345C/Q345D/Q345E/Q235B
Certifications: ISO 9001,SGS,BV
Size: Customizable
Delivery Time:7 Days
Payment Term: T/T, L/C, WeChat pay, Alipay, etc
Our Own Factory: Competitive price and quality
Quick delivery and standard exporting package
  • Galvanized Steel


The galvanized steel available from TGPX Steel is made to the highest standards of quality.

It features a protective layer that is resistant to rust and corrosion, making it suitable for many different uses. The steel sheets are hot-dipped in zinc iron alloys and have a lightly textured finish. This provides additional protection against environmental elements. Due to its rust-resistant properties, galvanized steel is a popular metal used in the manufacturing of car body parts.

It’s conveniently available to order from TGPX in a range of sizes and gauges.

Specifications - ASTM A653, A786, A36, G-90 Galvanized
Surface Finish - slightly shiny silver color, grainy and spackled surface
Mechanical Properties - Yield = 38,000, Tensile = 52,000
How to Measure - Thickness (A) X Width X Length

Available Stock Sizes: 1ft x 1ft, 1ft x 2ft, 1ft x 4ft, 2ft x 2ft, 2ft x 4ft, 4ft x 4ft, 4ft x 8ft, 4ft x 10ft, 5ft x 10ft or Cut to Size


Element Percentage
Ni 0.2
Cr 0.15
Mo 0.06
V 0.008
Cb 0.008
Ti 0.025
Fe 99

Galvanized Steel Supplier - Sheet & Coil

TGPX Steel is a leading supplier of galvanized steel sheets & coils.  Galvanized steel is a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides. Two main processes are used to produce galvanized steel: continuous hot dipping and electro-galvanizing.

Galvanized steel is used extensively across a wide range of industries due to its many advantageous properties, which include:

Low upfront cost


Resistance to rust

The hot dipping process consists of passing the steel through a bath of molten zinc, while the electro-galvanizing process consists of applying zinc through electrolytic disposition.  The result is a layer of zinc tightly adhering to the base metal through an iron-zinc bonding layer.  Our hot-dipped galvanized products are manufactured to ASTM A653 specifications; our electro-galvanized products conform to ASTM A879 specifications.


A zinc coating is one of the most effective and economical methods of protecting bare steel from a corroding environment. The zinc not only serves as a barrier between the steel and the environment, but it will also sacrifice itself to protect the underlying steel sheet. Sacrificial or galvanic protection occurs when two dissimilar metals are in contact and coupled with water and oxygen. Zinc corrodes preferentially to the iron in steel. This protection prevents corrosion of the steel at areas not covered with zinc. Thus, the spread of corrosion from cut edges, drill holes, etc. is minimized.

Additionally, the Hot Dipped Galvanized and the Galvannealed products are available in a variety of coating weights including G-90, G-60, G-40, and G-30 for the Hot Dipped Galvanized products, and A-60 and A-40 for the Galvannealed products.

At TGPX Steel, we also offer two different finishes on our 26 & 28-gauge galvanized steel sheet & coils.

Regular Spangle


Min. Spangle



Thickness Width Length Weight
26ga 48.00" 120.00" 0.906
26ga 48.00" 96.00" 0.906
24ga 48.00" 120.00" 1.156
24ga 48.00" 96.00" 1.156
22ga 48.00" 120.00" 1.405
22ga 48.00" 96.00" 1.405
22ga 60.00" 120.00" 1.405
20ga 48.00" 120.00" 1.656
20ga 48.00" 96.00" 1.656
20ga 60.00" 120.00" 1.656
18ga 48.00" 120.00" 2.156
18ga 48.00" 96.00" 2.156
18ga 60.00" 120.00" 2.156
16ga 48.00" 120.00" 2.655
16ga 48.00" 144.00" 2.655
16ga 48.00" 96.00" 2.655
16ga 60.00" 120.00" 2.655
14ga 48.00" 120.00" 3.280
14ga 48.00" 96.00" 3.280
14ga 60.00" 120.00" 3.280

As the primary supplier of galvanized sheets and coils to over 1500 customers for over 10 years, just let us know the end use of your product and we can help you find the material that is right for you.

Call us at +86-18761589184 or contact us online and get a quote today!

Galvanized steel flat stock is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The hot-dipped metal is more durable than regular steel and is corrosion-resistant.

The flat stock galvanized steel is also magnetic and can be easily installed by welding. Each sheet has a distinct textured surface as a result of the galvanizing process. For applications that require protection from the elements, galvanized steel is an ideal choice.

TGPX make it easy to order the exact size and thickness that you need.

Typical Galvanized Steel Sheets & Coil Applications:

-Exterior building products


-HVAC products


-Electrical boxes and other electrical products




-Automotive parts


-Commercial and residential steel framing

-Parking lots

-Truss plates

-Metal building purlins

-Any other products requiring a corrosion-resistant material

TGPX Steel is committed to providing customers with galvanized steel that meets the highest possible quality requirements. It has a protective layer that prevents rust and corrosion, making it appropriate for various applications owing to its versatility.

Please visit our website or call us now for more information! Our team will be glad to assist you.

Why Choose Taigang Puxin?

Excellent electromagnetic property

first class equipment, leading manufacture process and strict management ensure the excellent and stable electromagnetic property of Taigang Puxin GO electrical steel.

Outstanding processability

high accuracy dimension and excellent mechanical property are convenient for the users to slit, cut and laminate.

Preeminent dimensional accuracy

Taigang Puxin’s leading equipment and manufacture technology ensure the good shape, smooth surface, uniform thickness, small intra-plate deviation and high lamination factor.

Excellent surface coating property

Taigang Puxin electrical steel has uniform surface coating with good adhesiveness, which can prevent peeling of coating during processing; interlaminar insulation property is good.

More width options

The users can choose from sheet width 700-1200mm of Taigang Puxin GO electrical steel, so as to improve the utilization ratio of material.

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